Carolina Cleaning Company was utilized at one of our other facilities for many years. When our last cleaning company contract was not renewed we decided to try Carolina Cleaning Company.

We have used Carolina Cleaning Company for 15 years. We have a unique 1.5 million square foot facility that requires around the clock cleaning. Carolina Cleaning Company goes above and beyond to provide excellent service. They are available 24 hours per day and always respond to any special needs. I would highly recommend them. 
Facilities Manager.
We hired Carolina Cleaning Company  7 years ago after having four cleaning companies that we were not happy with. They excel in every aspect of cleaning our facility. They respond to any issues that arise within minutes. We are very happy with the service and plan to use them for years to come.
Human Resources Manager
Carolina Cleaning Company was utilized at one of our other facilities for many years. When our last cleaning company contract was not renewed we decided to try Carolina Cleaning Company. It didn't take us long to see why our counterparts were so happy with the services. Outstanding is the only  word that describes the services we have received!! Give them a chance and you'll be happy that you did.
Vice President Operations
Carolina Cleaning Company takes great pride in its work and satisfying its customers and it shows! The day to day cleaning services provided have been more than we ever expected or had received from other companies in the past. The Management team and cleaners alike are considered team members that contribute to an overall goal...customer satisfaction!
District Manager